Civil Appeals

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Civil appeals are one of the most complex types of litigation. It is important that you have an attorney well-versed in the specific requirements of the appellate courts in civil litigation.

We handle a select variety of civil appeals, and only accept a limited number of such cases each year. Our focus is on family law, and as these tend to be difficult, complex cases, we often clear the calendar for days or weeks at a time to focus on one client’s case.

Family Law – Divorce – Equitable Distribution / Alimony

When a judge decides how to divide a married couple’s assets, mistakes can occur. Judges are human, and they can and do misinterpret the law or misapply it to the facts. If you think you are receiving less than you are entitled to receive, or it you think you are paying more than you rightly should, contact us today for an evaluation of your case and a confidential opinion regarding whether you have any issues that may be successfully appealed.

Family Law – Custody

Judges are often called upon to decide what is in the best interest of your child or children. The guidance they receive from the appeals courts and the legislature leaves much of the decision making to the individual judge’s discretion. There are sixteen factors judges must consider in awarding custody of a minor child, but not all judges apply these equally or properly..

Attorney Justin P. Miller has extensive experience in contentious custody matters at the trial and appellate level. He understands the sixteen factors the courts are expected to apply, and takes an evidence-based approach to appealing custody decisions. If you believe your custody court judge made the wrong decision, contact us today for a consultation on your case.