Delayed Driver’s License Suspensions

When someone is convicted of a DUI in Pennsylvania, either at trial or through a plea, their Pennsylvania driving privilege is suspended for a set period of time. Judges have no discretion in this suspension. Neither does PennDOT, the agency that...

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Winning the Peace in Custody

A problem many of my custody clients struggle with is what to do when the litigation is over. We’ve amassed volumes of material about the other side, fortified our own position with evidence, exhibits, and witnesses to show how we meet the needs...

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Are Fake Facebook Profiles Unethical?

It is unethical for an attorney to use Facebook to deceive someone. That’s the short version of the lesson to be learned from the case in which the Drug Enforcement Agency just settled a lawsuit. The DEA concocted a scheme in...

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Let’s Be Cops – Impersonation of a Public Servant

Let’s Be Cops opens this week. The premise is simple: Our Heroes dress up as cops for a costume party. Their clean looks and winning personalities convince the neighborhood that these guys are the real deal. Intoxicated by being...

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The Felony Murder Rule

How can someone end up in jail for the rest of his life just for loaning his car to a friend? Only in the United States of America –  and there, not even in every state – does the law allow the Government to hold anyone involved in a...

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Wife Attempts to Frame Husband with Child Pornography

An Indiana County woman has been charged with putting child pornography on a computer in an unsuccessful effort to frame her estranged husband. Fortunately for the husband, investigators were able to tell that the images had been loaded onto the...

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Two DUIs in One Night?

How can someone possibly get two DUIs in one night? It happens more often than you might expect. Most of us know that alcohol reduces inhibitions. We usually think of this in terms of a drunk being overly affectionate or saying things he...

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How did the TASER get its name?

What does a TASER have to do with early 20th century juvenile fiction? The name itself, for a start. Inventor and erstwhile arms dealer Jack Cover came up with a new, more humane way for police and others to subdue assailants and...

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Calling the Police on Yourself for a DUI

A DUI can happen to almost anyone who makes a series of poor decisions. For instance, what happens if you spend an evening drinking, drive home, park in front of your house, and find yourself too intoxicated to get out of your vehicle? For most...

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What is a Meth Lab?

A recent article in the local fishwrap raised alarms around our community. “State College man arrested, charged with running meth lab in Park Forest house,” screamed the headline! Over the past several days, a number of people have asked...

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The Young Person’s Guide to Centre County Criminal Court

Today I’m sharing the first entry in a new web series. Taking my inspiration not so much from the classic Benjamin Britten orchestral work and more from the one I actually heard first, Garrison Keilor’s parody, I...

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Young Person’s Guide: Part One – Initial Charges

Initial Charges via Police Criminal Complaint If you are accused of a crime, you will most likely receive a Police Criminal Complaint in the mail. These are typically sent via both first class and certified USPS mail. Included in the envelope will be...

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Why You Should Have a Living Will

A living will and durable power of attorney can save you and your family lots of pain and aggravation when disaster strikes. I like to read about how the other Professions deal with the central questions of their practice. Late last year,...

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Self-Defense and Justification in Pennsylvania

Central to understanding the George Zimmerman case is the idea of self-defense, or Justification.. The entire “stand-your-ground law” issue is only a subpart of the discussion. It isn’t a new defense; it merely alters the...

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Laser Pointers and Aircraft

You may have seen this photograph making the rounds. I saw it yesterday on twitter. It shows a military helicopter hovering over the crowd in Cairo. The photo is mostly dark, with the helicopter eliminated by dozens of green, hand-held laser...

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